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You think Xbox One is too expensive? Wait to see this one!

19 Dec

gold xbox one harrods

With a RRP of £429, the Xbox One is surely not the cheapest console you can find out there. But when it comes to expensive shit there’s only one place in UK (and possibly the world) where you find the craziest prices.

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Watch 15 minutes of Swery’s D4 gameplay

9 Nov

d4 swery

If you’re a fan of Swery65 like us, you’re probably very hyped for his new creation to be released exclusively on Xbox One called D4.

We’ve already briefly discussed about the episodic title, but finally we’re able to show you some proper gameplay, in order to confirm all the insanity and weirdness that Swery put in the game.

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You’ve probably missed the release of The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill

4 Nov

the typing of the dead overkill

You didn’t? Well good for you. You did, don’t worry, that’s our job. Anyway, even if SEGA didn’t make much fuss about it (they’re probably too busy with Rome II and Football Manager), they found the time to release the sequel of one of the best, most fun, over the top, finger-breaker, completely weird game ever made: The Typing Of The Dead. Anyone fancy a little type-instead-of-shoot some zombies?

The original title was released in 1999 for japanese arcades, and then worldwide on Dreamcast, PC and PlayStation 2. It was based on the second chapter of the main series, and was a masterpiece.

This one, as the title surely suggest, is based on the latest installement of the series, Overkill, and features a lot of funny shit (and swearing).

The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill is out now on Steam for less than £15. Just go for it, thanks us later.

Some glitches are more awkward than others

5 Mar

If you’ve played video games as much as we did in our life, you should have seen a lot of strange and bizarre glitches in all possible forms and shapes, and possibly you get used to them.

But sometimes happens that glitches can still amaze us. Take a look at this very AWKWARD glitch found on Assassin’s Creed III. Your move Ubisoft.

A new game from Increpare is coming soon…and it’s about sausages

1 Mar

stephen's sausage roll increpare game stephen lavelle

We love all the games from Stephen Lavelle, the guy behind Increpare, because they’re possibly always the weirdest mindfucking stylish thing you can find out there. So, everytime he announce a new release (and this happens quite often) we are always overexcited!

This time the game is called Stephen’s Sausage Roll, and yep, it features a sausage…but we don’t know how or why. The only thing we know is that the game will be a puzzle, and it features also some forks. Guess we’ll find out soon.

The game has been announced via a dedicated website. Trust us, check it out


Interview: David Kanaga, sound designer of Proteus

5 Feb

We are really proud to share with you our little interview with David Kanaga, sound designer of Proteus.

If you don’t know what Proteus is, be ashamed. Proteus is a pure sensorial experience, both visual and audio; someone called it an anti-game, because its lack of plot or of a proper mission objective, but we don’t agree with them, because video games are a form of mixed arts, and this game is the proof. Proteus is pure art, game art.

It’s kind of weird trying to describe a game like this, you should really play it to understand what we mean. But for now take a look at the trailer.


Ok, now that you have a vague idea of what Proteus is, we can start our interview with David.


• THAT DAMN PIXEL: You and Ed (Ed Key, the other guy behind the game) describe Proteus as a game of audio-visual exploration and discovery. How important is the audio component in this title? And why?

– DAVID KANAGA: It’s important to me. I don’t understand games very well if their mechanics are not hugged by music. Music moves constantly in ways that it’s difficult for visuals to do without seeming messy — messy is good (see this: Len Lye “Free Radicals”), but maybe we can approach these time-based languages with sound first.

THAT DAMN PIXEL: Did you write down the music after the graphical part was finished or the video/audio development went b2b?

– DAVID KANAGA: Sometimes after, sometimes b2b — there were no rules, though these are some loose guidelines that i sometimes follow as dogma: Soundtrack 2: Methods

• THAT DAMN PIXEL: How long did it take to create the music for a game like this one?

– DAVID KANAGA: sometimes it took exactly as long to make as it takes to listen to (~30 seconds) — much of the sound was improvised. designing the music as a space is more involved. the whole thing took almost 3 years.

• THAT DAMN PIXEL: How you met Ed, and how you two ended up making Proteus?

– DAVID KANAGA: I wanted to make music for a videogame, and I posted my music on TIGsource and only Ed liked it– he got in touch and we started working

THAT DAMN PIXEL: Are you proud of this particular work?


THAT DAMN PIXEL: You won the INDIECADE 2011 for the Best Audio. Did you expect this prize?

– DAVID KANAGA: Wasn’t sure what to expect.

THAT DAMN PIXEL: Is Proteus your first game-project? Are you planning to continue on this field?

– DAVID KANAGA: No. The biggest other project I’ve done is music design for Dyad, released on PSN last July. I’ve done work on other games, too — Selected Works and Plays. I plan to continue.


Well, this was amazing, and we feel very fortunate to met David. He is a very kind and willing person. We wish him (and also Ed) best of luck with Proteus and with his future projects.
Here’s some useful links! Follow David on Twitter, check out his site and BUY PROTEUS HERE!

The Yoshida-ryo dormitory and its retrogaming beauties

4 Feb

There is a place at the southern edge of Kyoto University’s Yoshida Campus in Kyoto; a century old building called Yoshida-ryo Dormitory. It was first built in 1913 and since then it houses student squatters for ridiculously low rent. No surprise, this place is rubbish and the poorly aged building needs some major restoration works. It’s also the filthiest and dustiest place you’ve probably ever seen. Obviously Kyoto University wants to demolish it and eventually build a new dormitory, but the tenants aren’t of the same mind.

So why are we talking about this shit? How can this be possibly video game related? Use your brain…students living in the same bohemian-like (more anarchy-like) dormitory for ages, generation after generation, since 1913. And we are talking about mainly Japanese students. C’mon, it’s easy! THIS PLACE IS FULL OF VIDEO GAMES LEFT BEHIND BY ALL THE PREVIOUS STUDENTS!

Let’s take a virtual tour! (some pics are taken from Roy Berman‘s article on CNN Travel, and some from this imagur album).

This is the "main" entrance to the building (where are the video games?)

This is the “main” entrance to the building (where are all the video games?)

Et voilà some japanese rhythm game!

Et voilà some japanese rhythm game (mixed with some random stuff)!

Do you need a spare orange GameCube controller?

Do you need a spare orange GameCube controller?

More random retro awesomenesses

More random retro awesomenesses

Is that a Virtual Boy? Oh fuck!

Is that a Virtual Boy? Oh fuck!

Why not a couple of slot machines?

Why not a couple of slot machines?

Coffees, teas, cigrettes and retro consoles...could you wish for better?

Coffees, teas, cigrettes and retro Nintendo consoles…could you wish for better?

Any NTSC-J PS2/PSX game you need? (maybe next time let's take some better pics)

Any NTSC-J PS2/PSX game you need? (maybe next time let’s take some better pics)

Let's see what's in there!

Let’s see what’s in there!

RedBull is good for your overnight game sessions

RedBull is good for your overnight game sessions

Looks cold inside...

Looks cold inside…

Oh look, another drawer

Oh look, another drawer

People build robots while they wait for their turn to play

People build robots while they wait for their turn to play

Best panoramic pic ever

Best panoramic pic ever

Xseed Games is bringing five new Japanese titles outside Japan in 2013

31 Jan

Who are these guys and why we should thank them?

Well, Xseed Games is a small (and when I say small, I mean really small, like 9 people) video games publisher and distributor based in Torrance, California; and we should thank them because their only purpose is to bring weird, strange and beautiful Japanese games to the North American market (and eventually let them know to European publishers).

Xseed Games HQ. You just met half of the employees.

Xseed Games HQ. You just met half of the employees.

We really appreciate them (and everybody should do), because unlike the bigger guys (someone said Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft?) they don’t really care about money. They’re happy to just focus on eccentric (and mostly weird, but always amazing) Japanese games, from dating simulations to j-RPGs.

You should thank them for being able to play titles such as KORG DS-10 (NDS, 2008), Ys Seven (PSP, 2010) or The Last Story (2012, Wii) localized in your language. But this is not all. In a press release this morning, Xseed Games announced that it’s bringing five new games outside Japan: Killer Is Dead (yep, new game from Suda51)(X360 / PS3, Summer 2013), Rune Factory 4 (3SD, Summer 2013), Valhalla Knights 3 (PSVita, Fall 2013), Ys Celceta (PSVita, Fall 2013), and Ys I & II Chronicles (Steam, February 2013).

We leave you with trailers about those new upcoming games. Enjoy, and be respectful to Xseed.

This last one about Ys I & II is from the PSP version, because there’s not Steam version trailer out there.