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Is Platinum Games developing a new Star Fox game on Wii U?

13 Jan

star fox platinum games wii u

It’s not a secret that a lot of people would like to play a brand new Star Fox game, and it’s also no big news that Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya has previously stated that he’d love to work on the franchise. Platinum Games also has quite a lot of experience developing on the Wii U by now, after Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.

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Initial D Perfect Shift Online gets a debut trailer

30 Dec

initial d perfect shift online

Some weeks ago we told you about the new Initial D free-to-play game on its way to the 3DS (the Japanese one, obviously). Initial D Perfect Shift Online, developed by SEGA, looked like a shifting-only racing game, and now, with the first debut trailer, we know it for sure.

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What do I want for Christmas? A Nintendo 64 of course!

24 Dec

nintendo 64

Just imagine for a second it’s 1996, and Christmas Holidays are around the corner. What would you ask your parents as a gift? A Nintendo 64 of course! And this video shows the most weird way to ask for it to your mother!

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What a beautiful console was (and still is) the Dreamcast

24 Dec


Ready for some console porn? Because Jake Roper has explored the Dreamcast in its very own intimate space! Confirming again, that the latest (and quite unlucky) console from SEGA was, and damn still is, super hot!

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First ever Valve’s Steam Machine gets unboxed

14 Dec

steam machine

We already discussed briefly with you about the upcoming Valve’s Steam Machine, and finally the wait is over. In fact, yesterday was the d-day for the shipping of the very first 300 Steam Machines to the lucky people accepted into the beta program.

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Watch How Videogames Changed the World documentary here

1 Dec

how videogames changed the world


If yesterday evening you missed the documentary How Videogames Changed the World, hosted by Charlie Brooker on Channel 4, it’s no big deal, because C4 has been so kind to upload it on its YouTube channel, full-lenght.

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Top 10 video game glitches

28 Nov

video game glitches

We all know them, we all fear them and we definitely laugh at them every time! Video game glitches is something we’ll ever face in our favourite games, but some of them are better and more entertaining than other.

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Watch Swery65 talking about D4 and Kinect tech at GDC Next 2013

24 Nov

swery65 GDC D4

If you’re excited about Swery’s D4 as we are (and have a good 40+ minutes to spare) you absolutely have to watch this video. It has been shoot at last GDC Next 2013, during a conference called D4: Dawn of the Dreaming Director’s Drama, in which Hidetaka ‘Swery65’ Suehiro explains how he is implementing the Xbox One’s new Kinect technology.

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Be prepared for a Zelda violin performance you won’t forget

24 Nov

taylor davis zelda violin rain

Taylor Davis is a violinist that ofter perform well known tracks from different video games and movies. She’s very good at it, but this time, with Song of Time and Song of Storms from The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time she’s really outdid herself.

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Watch the history of horror video games in 3 minutes

22 Nov

history of horror video games

Are you rady to re-live a brief history of horror video games in the next 3 minutes or so? Because young film-maker Anthony Carpendale is looking for some funds on Kickstarter, in order to complete his project of a full-lenght documentary on horror video games Playing With Fear. So, the video you’re going to watch is some sort of trailer for his campaign, but still pretty impressive! Enjoy!

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