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First ever Valve’s Steam Machine gets unboxed

14 Dec

steam machine

We already discussed briefly with you about the upcoming Valve’s Steam Machine, and finally the wait is over. In fact, yesterday was the d-day for the shipping of the very first 300 Steam Machines to the lucky people accepted into the beta program.

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Nintendo 2DS unboxing

29 Aug

nintendo 2ds unboxingIt was just yesterday when Nintendo announced the brand new (and quite ugly) Nintendo 2DS, and it seems that someone already put his hands on it and did the very first video unboxing.

We know that the video is in Italian and you (actually we) are not gonna understand a single word, but hey, they’ve put English subtitles, so yuppi! Enjoy!

Unboxing | Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition | PC

27 Mar


So finally Bioshock Infinite is out! We waited so long for this moment and eventually we got it! We also got the super uber cool Ultimate Songbird Edition for PC, so we decided to unbox it for your pleasure (or envy). Enjoy the video!

And yes…we’re based in London, so we feed our Songbird with tea and biscuits…problems?