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First ever Valve’s Steam Machine gets unboxed

14 Dec

steam machine

We already discussed briefly with you about the upcoming Valve’s Steam Machine, and finally the wait is over. In fact, yesterday was the d-day for the shipping of the very first 300 Steam Machines to the lucky people accepted into the beta program.

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This is what a Valve’s Steam Machine looks like

5 Nov

valve steam machine

Well, actually it’s just a prototype of one of the many many Steam Machines that will be released next year, but at least we can have a rought idea of what we’ve talked about till now.

That prototype was given to the Seattle Times, that luckily had the opportunity to try out the new high end piece of hardware, you can read their article here.

By the way it looks a bit like a VHS player…well, at least Xbox One isn’t the only one.