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Twin Galaxies now accepting new scores submissions

22 Apr

twin galaxies scores video games

Twin Galaxies is an organization that tracks video game world records. It operates the Twin Galaxies website and publishes the Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. The Guinness World Records – Gamers Edition is released every year in conjunction with Twin Galaxies, who Guinness World Records considers to be the official supplier of verified world video games records to the annual volume.

Exchanging hands in the Autumn of 2012, to new owners Jourdan Adler and Richie Knucklez, Twin Galaxies came with a name, a legacy and, unfortunately, a damaged yet not completely irretrievable database. Believing gamers deserved an updated system and quicker response time on verification, the difficult decision was made to abandon the old system and recreate Twin Galaxies anew no matter how long it took. So, finally submission procedures have been re-opened, and according to the new owners simplified. But also a new not-so-welcome fee structure has been instituted -let’s say- to ensure prompt service and efficient handling  of scores submitted for adjudication.

So what does it cost now to submit a score to Twin Galaxies? Well, it’s not that cheap…

$25.00 – One (1) score submission or up to Two (2) hours of recording
$60.00 – Three (3) score submission or up to Six (6) hours of recording
$75.00 – Five (5) score submission or up to Twelve (12) hours of recording

Ready to p(l)ay?

Can you beat Metal Gear Rising in just 5 hours?

12 Feb

metal gear rising finish time complete leaked

Yes, apparently you can. And please note the underline in CAN.

From a couple of days a Metal Gear Rising‘s screenshot (WTF?? The game is not even out in Japan!) goes through the net scaring people with its 05:34 clear time. Is a game so quick to beat worth to buy? For £35/£40 (or even more if you think with different currency) looks like a legit question and so Platinum Games executive director Atsushi Inaba replied to the rumors in his official twitter profile:

Clear enough folks?

Personally, not being a great fan of the classic Metal Gear franchise we’ll take it as a good news. As you all know Rising will be a spin off quite out of the line and the fact you have ranks at the end of chapters make us think is more an arcade based on ranks in perfect Platinum Games style as the awesome Vanquish or Bayonetta.

Yes, we are hyped and ready to cut and slash everything!