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Where to buy retrogames in London

6 Oct

retrogames retrogaming london

We really love everything it’s about video games, but the fact that we are from the 80s makes us really sensible to the retrogaming subject. In fact we’re not just gamers, but also avid collectors, and a part from that retro games are cool!

So why don’t help others londoners, or just people passing by the city, to find and locate the very few places where they can phisically buy retrogaming stuff? No reason not to help, so here’s our secret spots.

Dispite what you might think, London is not the best place on earth where to buy retro games, and the best option is always the internet, but still, the excitement of touching, rubbing and smelling something you’re going to buy, especially if it’s a 20 years-old cartridge, is something the internet will never replace.

So getting started, the major places where you can get retro stuff are essentially three.


retro game base london

The first place is a retrogaming dedicated store called Retro Game Base. It’s located in Stretham (South-West London) and could be easily described as London’s retrogaming heaven.

From the outside you would think much of it, but once entered your eyes will shine and your mouth watering. A not so small room completely filled with gaming goods from the very beginning of gaming history till a generation ago.

retro game base london

Everything sold here is in quite pristine conditions and every single item has been tested by the expert staff of the store. This is definitely the best you can get in London and you won’t regret the trip till here.

What about prices? Well, we have to admit that the prices of consoles are average, not too expensive nor cheap, but games and especially accessories, spare parts and peripherals are absolute bargains! If you’re looking for something specific, like a specific region conole (i.e. Japanese Dreamcast) and it’s not in stock you can kinda order it and the next one coming it’s yours.

Don’t forget to take a look (and than dry your mouth) at the little glass case just under the till, containing all the most valuable and rare items!

Also, they got some arcade cabinets and modded Xbox free to play!

retro game base london

Interested in paying a visit to this little piece of paradise? Below you can find the address and all relevant links and contacts (make sure to frequently check their Facebook page for the latest arrivals!):

Retro Game Base

430 Streatham High Road

Streatham, London SW163PX

TEL: 020 3489 6146

Web: http://www.retrogamebase.co.uk

Email: info@retrogamebase.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/retrogamebase


x electrical retrogaming

The second place where you can find some retrogaming goodies in London is not a dedicated store, in fact it’s actually a music intruments shops. It’s called X Electrical and it’s based in Hammersmith (West London).

So we said music instruments…what’s the dead? Well, from the outside yes, but if you look closer, the shop window displays some random Mega Drive and N64 cartridges! This is exactly how we firstly found it. We decided to enter just to ask what was the deal of the window and boom! “Secret” back room full of retrogaming (but also current gen) stuff!

x electrical retrogaming

Store staff is really kind and if you ask they’ll open to you all the displays to let you touch the goodies. They got plenty of stuff, but it’s difficult to explain you of which kind, because everytime you get there the articles are always different!

Consoles prices are average (and sometimes too high), but the games…well, they’re basically free! We mean, prices are so low that you’ll get out of the room hands-full!

We highly reccomend to pop in frequently to check the latest arrivals, even if they update their site on a daily base. Here are all the details and stuff you’ll need:

X Electrical

125 King Street

Hammersmith, London W6 9JG

Email: hammersmith@xelectrical.com

Web: http://www.xelectrical.com

Ebay: http://dsa.ebay.co.uk/sch/merchant/xhammersmith


The last place to get retro games in London is not a proper store, or at least not just one. In fact the third category is taken by three UK franchises: Cex, Cash Converters and Cash Generator.

Inverness CeX Small



All of them are basically pawn shops, with a little difference for CeX that buy and sell just electronic and entertainment stuff.

For this category there’s not general rule, they basically buy stuff in exchange of cash, so you need to enter quite frequently to check what they got at the moment. It’s not always true that you can find retro games in those shops, but given the high amount of stores spread all around London (and UK in general) it’s quite probable you’ll find some.

Obviously here we’re talking about pure blind hunting, but usually when you find something prices are low, even if the items are not always well shapes. Definitely forget about mint conditions here.

We got no specific store tips for those three franchises, but generally the ones away from  the city center have items laying in for ages, and it’s more probable you find something good and valuable.

Good hunting!


Sure, you can always find some interesting stuff in various car boot sales and flea markets, but since they’re not phisical places (and they’re A LOT in London) we’re not gonna review them now.

For now this is all, but we’re gonna put more info and more store as soon as we find more!

Feel free to share if you know something else or better!

Help to revive Retronauts on Kickstarter

24 Mar

retronauts podcast kickstarter

After the umpleasant shut down of 1UP last month, the retro games podcast Retronauts found itself without a home or any money to keep going, and that’s a shame because it was a fucking good podcast, one of the best out there.

Obviously its hosts have immediately started a Kickstarter project to revive the classic games podcast. They’d like to produce an entire year of new Retronauts episodes, released semi-monthly (that’s twice a month) with three regular hosts and a rotating fourth chair. All told, if this Kickstarter reaches its minimum amount, they’ll give us 26 new episodes to dig into, with the possibility of more on the way. But, with the help of some extra fundage, they’d like to do a hell of a lot more than that.

Those are the words from Retronauts guys asking for your money:

“Over the course of 160 episodes, the Retronauts podcast has delved into the history of your favorite titles, interviewed legendary developers, and explored the many strange tangents that exist within the realm of classic gaming. Since 2006, we’ve made a habit out of talking way too much about the intricacies and oddities of video game history.

But now that its benefactor has gone kaput, Retronauts as we know it is without a home — and its various contributors are without the platform they’ve used to educate and entertain these past seven years. That’s where you come in. We’d like to keep Retronauts going for at least another year, but we’re in need of the equipment and resources necessary to produce the quality podcast you’ve come to expect. Sure, we could always use Skype, but nothing beats the intimacy of four people in a tiny room screaming at each other about Milon’s Secret Castle.”

So if you’ve enjoyed their podcasts in the past (as we did) give them some money on their Kickstarter project!

Wreck-It Ralph is awesome!

11 Feb

disney pixel logo wreck-it ralph

As you might have noticed, Wreck-It Ralph is finally out in UK.

Yup, we don’t know why, but basically we are the last country in the world to get the movie. Doesn’t matter, the only thing that really matters is that we went to a random VUE last weekend to watch it and…IT IS AMAZING!

Basically it’s the movie we all wanted! There’s everything and everyone in there, from epic video games quotes to forgotten characters from our childhood.

Like others recent Disney Pixar movies, Ralph is quite smart and not-only kids-oriented. Indeed this movie is hugely enjoyable from everyone, from the nostalgic Q*bert players to the next-gen newbies.

The movie was also very smartly advertised by Disney UK, giving us the #8BitLane in Brick Lane. And we loved it.

We don’t want to spoiler all the little gems from this masterpiece, so we can stop here, inviting you to watch it asap (just do it!).

In the meanwhile enjoy the latest trailer

PS: Remember to stay until the very end of end credits 😉

We’ve been to Gamerdisco, and it was amazing!

7 Feb

gamerdisco london shoreditch

Yup, last week we told you about Gamerdisco, an unique gaming/clubbing experience in London, and last night we’ve actually been there!

As promised there was music, like 90′s, electro, hip hop, chiptune and gaming themes as well plenty of games (both new and retro) to play.

The event, held at The Book Club in London’s Shoreditch, featured also free-to-all prized tournaments on Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (X360), Super Mario Kart (SNES), Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) and Street Fighter vs Tekken (X360). We tried the Super Mario Kart one, but please just don’t ask….LoL

Obviously the cozy atmosphere (did we mention the free-entry?) of the venue offered also quite-cheap booze and other stuff you can usually find in a typical East London’s pub/club, like pool tables, arcade cabinets and other relaxing furnitures.

It was a great experience and we are looking forward to join the next event!

We also tried to take some pics, but the low lights (and the alcohol) didn’t help to our purpose. Anyway take a look at them.

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

Eat my dust on SMK!

Ever seen a projected SNES game? Awesome!

The good old little Cube

The good old little Cube

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

Tournaments on the big screen!

Tournaments on the big screen!

We've loved this baby

We’ve loved this baby

There is a ridiculously huge (and expensive) games collection for sale on ebay

7 Feb


“After a life spent collecting video games I decide to sell off my entire collection”

This is how the italian seller opened his listing on ebay. He continued saying that he just has too much things and the space to store them is finished long ago…realizing that if he wants to play at least half of his games, he should lives two or three entire human life…

This games collection is incredibly huge, and just to give an idea, he spent the last two months of his life taking pictures and making lists, working about eight hours a day just in order to make an inventory and to figure out what he has, and this is INSANE!

It counts something like 6850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers and 185 various accessories and peripherals from which we can recognize basically everything is worthwhile in video games history! From ultra-rare and ultra-limited edition Biohazard Dreamcasts to impossibly expensive NEO GEO AES games, from the incredibly hard-to-find Hotel FamicomBox to never-seen 80s Game & Watches.

biohazard dreamcast

neo geo aes metal slug

nintendo hotel famicombox

game & watch

Enough nostalgia and collector rage? Good, let’s talk about money…do you have some savings? Or are you planning to sell your house or your 1st born? Because this collection will cost you $550.000 (yes, fivehundredfiftythousand freaking dollars), plus some unknown-but-for-sure-hugely-expensive delivery cost if you don’t live in Italy (yup, hard times in Italy right now).

If you’re interested (or just curious) you can check the complete game list here, the image library of all the items here and the actual ebay listing here.

At the time of writing the collection has received no bids.

**UPDATE (8 Feb 2013)**

Bidding has ended on this listing. The seller has relisted the items here.

**UPDATE (9 Feb 2013)**

We finally got a bidder for $550k! (but maybe it’s just a joke)


**UPDATE (12 Feb 2013)**

The listing has been removed from ebay. Some private buyer? We’ll never know…

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

6 Feb

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

No, it’s not a new Space Invaders game coming to your iPad or something, The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time is a feature-length documentary film about classic arcade game collecting. It is the story of classic obsession, the second life of games in basements and garages across the US.

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time will take you inside America’s hidden game rooms and into the hearts and minds of those who have made it their mission to enthusiastically preserve these important cultural touchstones.

Why? Because by 1985, video arcades revenue had fallen 97%, so they began to disappear worldwide (apart from Japan, as we said here) and most of the old games were converted or destroyed. A few, packed into warehouses, largely forgotten for another decade.

Luna City Arcade, one of the home game rooms featured in the film.

Luna City Arcade, one of the home game rooms featured in the film.

This documentary seems to be a very good chance to undust some masterpieces from the golden age of arcades, and meet the most hardcore coin-op experts and collectors out there.

The full-lenght film, directed by Jeff Von Ward and featuring lots of die-hard collectors (take a look at them here), should be out around next April and we’re really looking forward to watch it. But for now just enjoy the trailer and check out its website.


The Yoshida-ryo dormitory and its retrogaming beauties

4 Feb

There is a place at the southern edge of Kyoto University’s Yoshida Campus in Kyoto; a century old building called Yoshida-ryo Dormitory. It was first built in 1913 and since then it houses student squatters for ridiculously low rent. No surprise, this place is rubbish and the poorly aged building needs some major restoration works. It’s also the filthiest and dustiest place you’ve probably ever seen. Obviously Kyoto University wants to demolish it and eventually build a new dormitory, but the tenants aren’t of the same mind.

So why are we talking about this shit? How can this be possibly video game related? Use your brain…students living in the same bohemian-like (more anarchy-like) dormitory for ages, generation after generation, since 1913. And we are talking about mainly Japanese students. C’mon, it’s easy! THIS PLACE IS FULL OF VIDEO GAMES LEFT BEHIND BY ALL THE PREVIOUS STUDENTS!

Let’s take a virtual tour! (some pics are taken from Roy Berman‘s article on CNN Travel, and some from this imagur album).

This is the "main" entrance to the building (where are the video games?)

This is the “main” entrance to the building (where are all the video games?)

Et voilà some japanese rhythm game!

Et voilà some japanese rhythm game (mixed with some random stuff)!

Do you need a spare orange GameCube controller?

Do you need a spare orange GameCube controller?

More random retro awesomenesses

More random retro awesomenesses

Is that a Virtual Boy? Oh fuck!

Is that a Virtual Boy? Oh fuck!

Why not a couple of slot machines?

Why not a couple of slot machines?

Coffees, teas, cigrettes and retro consoles...could you wish for better?

Coffees, teas, cigrettes and retro Nintendo consoles…could you wish for better?

Any NTSC-J PS2/PSX game you need? (maybe next time let's take some better pics)

Any NTSC-J PS2/PSX game you need? (maybe next time let’s take some better pics)

Let's see what's in there!

Let’s see what’s in there!

RedBull is good for your overnight game sessions

RedBull is good for your overnight game sessions

Looks cold inside...

Looks cold inside…

Oh look, another drawer

Oh look, another drawer

People build robots while they wait for their turn to play

People build robots while they wait for their turn to play

Best panoramic pic ever

Best panoramic pic ever

Gamer Disco: An Arcade For Adults

30 Jan

As we already told you, That Damn Pixel is not your typical video games blog. In fact we blog about everything vg-related we like.

This time we’d like to let you know about a very interesting event called Gamer Disco! Too good to be true? Nah…believe your eyes!

What’s that? Well, it’s an unique gaming/clubbing experience in London. Bringing the video games out of the bedroom to the big screen in a club, like watching a football match in the pub with your mates, but actually being a part of the live action with your friends, drinking, dancing, gaming and partying! (just for using the creators words).

Curious? Wait to know what’s in the upcoming event!

“From the team who brought you Nintendisco comes the new monthly club night GamerDisco, a truly social video gaming event!

This month featuring the brilliant Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed where your driving skills could bag you some great Sonic The Hedgehog prizes, including some rather swanky spiky blue Sonic hats all thanks to our friends at Sega!

With multi-screen projected gaming from old skool Nintendo to up to date future classics whilst DJs spin 90’s, electro, hip hop, chiptune and gaming themes.

This month features:

DJ JetSet Rory (Chiptune, Jpop, Themes, Wacky)
Habitat83 (Live Electro – First London Gig)

This is a night for both casual button bashers and seasoned pros alike! Free entry, cheap drinks and gaming prizes; ‘an arcade for adults’.

We will be celebrating the upcoming cinema release of Disneys “Wreck it Ralph” with some give-a-ways and a selection of the soundtrack being DJ’d!

Expect MarioKart & StreetFighter 2 competitions with prizes and also some SFxT and MvC3 casual button bashing!”

AWESOME! Isn’t it? Interested? Living in London?

Next event will be on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at The Book Club, 100 – 106 Leonard Street, Hoxton and Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4RH, UK

Let us droppin’ some useful links:

Game Disco Website

Gamer Disco Facebook

Upcoming Gamer Disco Facebook Event


See ya there!