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Be prepared for a Zelda violin performance you won’t forget

24 Nov

taylor davis zelda violin rain

Taylor Davis is a violinist that ofter perform well known tracks from different video games and movies. She’s very good at it, but this time, with Song of Time and Song of Storms from The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time she’s really outdid herself.

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First Rain in-game footage shown at GDC

26 Mar

rain ps3 psn


Rain is an atmospheric PSN game from Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio, and it was announced during Sony’s last Gamescom conference. The story centers on a little boy who has become invisible, and the player’s only distinct image of the boy’s position is through interacting with the world’s ever-pouring rain. It sounded like a cool project, but now we got some proofs! SCE finally released the first in-game footage of the game at these day’s GDC 2013.