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New polygonal EX3 costumes available for Resident Evil 6

31 Jan

We know that Resident Evil 6 does not meet the taste of many of you out there, probably for its lack of survival horror attitude that has always (till the 3rd one) marked out the series. But despite all the criticisms, we like it and we actually play it, a lot.

An awesome feature about this new installment of the series are the online events held by ResidentEvil.NET: weekly or monthly events very well organized by Capcom guys and that offer plenty of unlockable items and various stuff for the game.

One of the latest events, called Zombie Mayhem, was driven by one simple rule: just KILL EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY! But the partecipation prizes were even better: “If the target (15m zombie kills across all players) is met, all participants will be able to unlock one EX3 costume of their choice. Unlocks will be awarded at the end of January.”

Guess what? Today is January 31, and finally the all-new (well, not properly new) costumes are available to download for those who partecipated in the online event. Let’s take a look at them in all their retro polygonal beauty!

Immagine 59


Cool, aren’t they? Unfortunately all partecipants are able to unlock just one of them…so, which one are you gonna take?