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Get ready for a new REZtron event tonight

18 Sep

REZtron hoxton pony london

We didn’t have quite the chance to talk about this brand new geek event in London yet. But now the time has come, and we’re glad to inform you that tonight a new REZtron night is going to rock East London.

What is it exactly? We’ve been there at the very first event, but we prefer to use their very own word to describe it. So basically, REZtron is a Pop Up Japanese Retrotainment brand inspired by the fusion of 80’s chic, Japanese ethics and retrogaming.

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron’s first Japanese retrotainment was launched on August the 14th at the award winning cocktail bar, Hoxton Pony in London’s retro-chic district of Shoreditch.
Yep, all nice words and speeches, but what exactly they have there? Here the list of all the “SEGASM” (as they call it):
• Master System
• Mega Drive
• Mega CD/32X
• Saturn
• Dreamcast
• Game Gear
Not bad at all! Here’s more pics from the previous events.
REZtron hoxton pony london
REZtron hoxton pony london
REZtron hoxton pony london
So if you’re in London tonight this is your only option! Grab your tickets here and thank us later.

Another great Loading Soho event!

29 Mar

loading soho bioshock infinite

A couple of days ago we told you about the new Loading Soho event, with the partecipation of 2k Games UK, let’s say a sort of Bioshock Infinite edition!

Well, we’ve been there today to check the situation and possibly to get some free drinks and free stuff (by the way…mission complete!)

As usual the atmosphere was great and we really suggest you to jump in before it finish, you got time till Monday 1st! But for now, here’s some pics.

We loved this window while we queued

We loved this window while we queued

All the Bioshock Infinite swag waiting for us!

All the Bioshock Infinite swag waiting for us!

mmmm free drink!

mmmm free drink!

Devil's Kiss & Possession...our new favourite drinks

Devil’s Kiss & Possession…our new favourite drinks

loading soho bioshock infinite

loading soho bioshock infinite

Columbia calls you!

Columbia calls you!

loading soho bioshock infinite

So...what's inside those bags?

So…what’s inside those bags?

All our treasures! Thanks Loading Soho and 2K Games!

All our treasures! Thanks Loading Soho and 2K Games!

Gamerdisco vs Capcom! You don’t want to miss this one

19 Mar

gamerdisco vs capcom

We’ve already told you a lot about Gamerdisco, what it is, how it was and so on. But this time we are even more excited. Why? Because it’s gonna be huge!

Indeed, after the very cool Gamerdisco x IGN UK, the next event will be Gamerdisco vs Capcom!

Here’s the event description, taken from the Facebook event:

GamerDisco vs Capcom Community event

Darkstalkers Special Event !!!

In a long awaited collaboration GamerDisco have teamed up with the brilliant Capcom to bring you a night of video gaming delight!!


Big Screen Darkstalkers competition
Fantastic Capcom Prizes
Capcom Arcade on the big screen
Guile’s Theme Drinks Promotion
Recorded gaming battles
Capcom Classic tunes played throughout the night

The Capcom guys will be on hand for tournaments, gaming discussion and the occasional drinking contest!

GamerDisco DJ’s will be playing gaming themes and 8 bit bangers all night:

DJ Jet Set Rory (Tokyo Soundscape: http://soasradio.org/tokyo-soundscape) – Gaming Themes, 8bit, wacky!

Plus More DJ’s TBA

Drinking, Dancing, Gaming- GamerDisco an arcade for adults!

Expect: UMVC3, SFXT, Darkstalkers, Capcom Arcade & More

Costs: Free
18+ (ID may be required)

The event will be Wednesday, April 3, at The Book Club, 100 – 106 Leonard Street, Hoxton and Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4RH, United Kingdom. See you there!

Loading Bar pop-up event in Soho, London

13 Mar

loading soho london

Recovered from last GamerDisco? Hope so, because it’s Loading time!

Loading Bar/Cafè is a unique venue in Falmouth (Cornwall, UK) offering the great experience of relax, drinking and gaming all together. It basically is a venue, where you can play your favourite current/retro generation video games consoles while drinking a cup of tea/coffee or a themed cocktail.

Sounds great? Good, because they’re looking to open up in London sometime in 2013, but now they’re trying some venues, so…pop-up event!

Today (Wednesday the 13th) and tomorrow (Thursday the 14th), they will be showcasing a venue in Soho that could potentially house a London branch of their unique gaming bar. Let’s go say hello!

From 12:00 they will be onsite, making drinks and generally having a grand time. This is a chance for people to sample what it is that they do and prove that there is a need in Central London for a space to drink, relax and play (and sure there is).


Current Gen video games, retro consoles and board games; if it can fit in their van, they are bringing the lot from Cornwall to London! Their resident artist Cosmic will also be drawing on the walls live (and this is so cool).

If they can get enough bookings for future events during these test days they will open the space properly on April 2nd. So what are you waiting?? Move your ass!

Head over to MADD, 53 Rupert Street, Soho, London from mid-day to 11pm

Check the Facebook event!

And don’t forget that on thursday there will be also a Geek Pub meeting!

This Threadless t-shirt is something you want. NOW.

12 Feb

Threadless is an online community of artists and an e-commerce website based in Chicago, where designs are created by and chosen by an online community.

Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on clothing and other products, and sold worldwide in limited editions.

This article is just to let you know that right now a very cool t-shirt is available. Take a look!

 A Pixel of My Childhood  Design by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura threadless

This awesome t-shirt, that features some pixelated Nintendo controllers, consoles and cartridges, is called “A Pixel of My Childhood” and has been design by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura. In our opinion it totally worths the $20 price tag. If you want it (and you know you do) buy it here, but hurry up, it’s not going to last forever.

We’ve been to Gamerdisco, and it was amazing!

7 Feb

gamerdisco london shoreditch

Yup, last week we told you about Gamerdisco, an unique gaming/clubbing experience in London, and last night we’ve actually been there!

As promised there was music, like 90′s, electro, hip hop, chiptune and gaming themes as well plenty of games (both new and retro) to play.

The event, held at The Book Club in London’s Shoreditch, featured also free-to-all prized tournaments on Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (X360), Super Mario Kart (SNES), Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) and Street Fighter vs Tekken (X360). We tried the Super Mario Kart one, but please just don’t ask….LoL

Obviously the cozy atmosphere (did we mention the free-entry?) of the venue offered also quite-cheap booze and other stuff you can usually find in a typical East London’s pub/club, like pool tables, arcade cabinets and other relaxing furnitures.

It was a great experience and we are looking forward to join the next event!

We also tried to take some pics, but the low lights (and the alcohol) didn’t help to our purpose. Anyway take a look at them.

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

Eat my dust on SMK!

Ever seen a projected SNES game? Awesome!

The good old little Cube

The good old little Cube

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

Tournaments on the big screen!

Tournaments on the big screen!

We've loved this baby

We’ve loved this baby

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

6 Feb

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

No, it’s not a new Space Invaders game coming to your iPad or something, The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time is a feature-length documentary film about classic arcade game collecting. It is the story of classic obsession, the second life of games in basements and garages across the US.

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time will take you inside America’s hidden game rooms and into the hearts and minds of those who have made it their mission to enthusiastically preserve these important cultural touchstones.

Why? Because by 1985, video arcades revenue had fallen 97%, so they began to disappear worldwide (apart from Japan, as we said here) and most of the old games were converted or destroyed. A few, packed into warehouses, largely forgotten for another decade.

Luna City Arcade, one of the home game rooms featured in the film.

Luna City Arcade, one of the home game rooms featured in the film.

This documentary seems to be a very good chance to undust some masterpieces from the golden age of arcades, and meet the most hardcore coin-op experts and collectors out there.

The full-lenght film, directed by Jeff Von Ward and featuring lots of die-hard collectors (take a look at them here), should be out around next April and we’re really looking forward to watch it. But for now just enjoy the trailer and check out its website.


Gamer Disco: An Arcade For Adults

30 Jan

As we already told you, That Damn Pixel is not your typical video games blog. In fact we blog about everything vg-related we like.

This time we’d like to let you know about a very interesting event called Gamer Disco! Too good to be true? Nah…believe your eyes!

What’s that? Well, it’s an unique gaming/clubbing experience in London. Bringing the video games out of the bedroom to the big screen in a club, like watching a football match in the pub with your mates, but actually being a part of the live action with your friends, drinking, dancing, gaming and partying! (just for using the creators words).

Curious? Wait to know what’s in the upcoming event!

“From the team who brought you Nintendisco comes the new monthly club night GamerDisco, a truly social video gaming event!

This month featuring the brilliant Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed where your driving skills could bag you some great Sonic The Hedgehog prizes, including some rather swanky spiky blue Sonic hats all thanks to our friends at Sega!

With multi-screen projected gaming from old skool Nintendo to up to date future classics whilst DJs spin 90’s, electro, hip hop, chiptune and gaming themes.

This month features:

DJ JetSet Rory (Chiptune, Jpop, Themes, Wacky)
Habitat83 (Live Electro – First London Gig)

This is a night for both casual button bashers and seasoned pros alike! Free entry, cheap drinks and gaming prizes; ‘an arcade for adults’.

We will be celebrating the upcoming cinema release of Disneys “Wreck it Ralph” with some give-a-ways and a selection of the soundtrack being DJ’d!

Expect MarioKart & StreetFighter 2 competitions with prizes and also some SFxT and MvC3 casual button bashing!”

AWESOME! Isn’t it? Interested? Living in London?

Next event will be on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at The Book Club, 100 – 106 Leonard Street, Hoxton and Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4RH, UK

Let us droppin’ some useful links:

Game Disco Website

Gamer Disco Facebook

Upcoming Gamer Disco Facebook Event


See ya there!