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Release of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter delayed

27 Dec

largePokémon Bank Poké Transporter

Today is the day. Ehm…actually, was the day. We’re talking about the release of both Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter, the two brand new 3DS apps that allow players to transfer their favourite Pokémon from older versions of the game to X & Y and also store them online.

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Printing Miiverse is the art show featuring Miiverse artists

29 Apr

printing miiverse


Printing Miiverse is an art show about the Nintendo’s Miiverse organized by Miiverse ART guys. It is absolutely non-profit and it will take place in Nuremberg, Germany in the Kunstbunker Gallery, starting on 4th of May.

This sounds amazing and the gallery will feature 172 Miiverse artists presenting incredible 13255 drawings! As the event is located in Germany (you know, Nintendo’s european HQ is in Frankfurt) you can also watch the Livestream and video-uploads in this channel, for a chance to chat with the visitors and comment on their drawings via Miiverse!

This is absolutely one of the highest manifestations where gaming meets art!

You can access Miiverse on PS Vita but not on 3DS

27 Apr

You can access Miiverse on PS Vita but not on 3DS

Earlier this week Nintendo released the web browser version of their till-now-WiiU-only Miiverse; and that’s fine. So what’s the problem? Well, you can easily access to the site via your PC’s browser, but if you try to explore the Miiverse with one of the Nintendo handhelds’ built-in browser…no way!

No big deal, you say. We agree…but what if the PS Vita can open it? LoL