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Man makes video game to propose to his girlfriend

20 Dec

pixel proposal

The title already explains the whole story. Robert Fink basically designed and, helped by his friends, developed a video game in order to propose himself to his girlfriend.

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A bug makes gay marriage available in a Nintendo game

8 May

Tomodachi Collection gay marriage

Nintendo has recently released Tomodachi Collection for the 3DS. But it’s quite likely you’ve never heard about it before. In fact, Tomodachi Collection is some sort of life simulator using Miis, let’s say a mix between The Sims and Animal Crossing, never released outside the Japan.

The news is not in the release itself, but in the fact that japanese gamers started to post some images from the game (like from the mosaic above) rumoring about a bug of some sort that allows players to celebrate gay marriage (but just between two men).

This rumor is becoming quite a trend among japanese players, but Nintendo has not said anything yet about this bug, even if a player reported that, after contacting the customer service, they told him that the game seems to be broken, and it needs to be patched.

The awesome thing about all this is that new players are thinking about buying the game just because of this gay-friendly bug. Think about it Nintendo.

Our suggestion? Nintendo should patch it, in order to make it official and extend the feature to female characters as well!