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Meet Project Unity, the 15-in-1 retro gaming console

15 Apr

Project Unity


Video game consoles modder Bacteria has unveiled his last creation. It’s named Project Unity and it is capable of playing 15 different video game formats.

The almost 20 kg multi console houses console boards for Atari 7800, Colecovision, SEGA Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube (with GBA Player attached), Amstrad GX4000, Intellivision, SEGA Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, NeoGeo, NES, PSone, PS2, SEGA Master System, SEGA Saturn, Super Nintendo, and Turbo Grafx. So basically everything you’ll ever need to feed your retrogaming thirst.

Project Unity features something linke 300 metres of cable and around 3,000 hours of work lasts three years by its creator Bacteria. Here’s a video showing all the making of.

We know, Project Unity could be the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, but damn, this bad boy really rock! And most important, there no emulation at all, the console is completely made with original parts! Awesome!

Loading Soho will be back with some Bioshock Infinite frenzy

27 Mar

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

Good news folks! Do you remember our report about Loading Soho, the gaming pub event in London? Did you miss it? No problem, because they’re having another Loading London gaming event and it’s this weekend! And this time will be even more awesome thanks to a 2K Games collaboration! Read the official disclaimer:

In conjunction with 2k games, we bring you our second big event, combining the same venue, atmosphere and good times with the awesome Bioshock infinite.

Yesterday we revealed our new Bioshock cocktails, lovingly crafted for 2K, which had until now been held captive under the watchful gaze of the Embargo Bird.

We decided that offering up these drinks pictures was nice, but we could do MUCH BETTER. We have launched plenty of tie in drinks but never made it easy for you to come and try them in person.

If only there was a way we could do what we did last week with our first Loading Soho party but make it on a weekend and go one (of a few) better…

So rather than one pop up night, Loading Soho in MADD is launching the first of our “open beta testing” events for not one, but four days.

We will be offering up Bioshock Infinite to play on 5 swanky new 32″ screens with the original Bioshock playable for anyone who wants to experience the game that started it all.

We’re not just stopping at that, the heroes at 2K have decided to support us, so the first 50 attending on Friday night from 5pm will receive:

1x ‘Vigor’ cocktail/our non-alcoholic equivalent
1x Song bird poster
1x Lanyard

But 2K didn’t stop there, everyone that buys a drink gets a ticket to enter the prize draw to win one of the following:

1 Xbox Collector’s Edition (Ultimate Songbird Edition)

1 PS3 Premium Edition

1 PC Premium Edition

1 Xbox Premium Edition

2 Skyhook replicas

2 Elizabeth figurines

2 Boys of Silence figurines

If you don’t already follow @2KUKPR give them a follow/send them a tweet and say how amazing they are for helping make Loading Soho happen full time!

See you there! Join us from Friday @ 5pm until Monday @ 11pm

Free Entry, drinks at normal prices. (ID required for any drink redemption)

Tweet @2KUKPR account some Loading love and hashtag #loadingsoho for the chance to win extra free cocktails and coffee from Loading for the rest of the 3 days.

bioshock drink

So, it sounds pretty awesome! Here’s the Facebook event and…see you there!

What to expect from Loading Soho event

13 Mar

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

You know, we like try ourselves all the events we share with you…so today we’ve been to MADD, location of Loading Soho pop-up event held by the guys from Loading Gaming Bar in Cornwell.

Fuck, that was amazing! A nice cozy space to drink some themed cocktails and play video games with your friends (or just with random people!). But not just that, indeed there was also a guy drawing awesome stuff on the wall (a.k.a. Cosmic Images, check out his blog), table games and retrogaming!

There is no much to say about it, but that WE WANT A PERMANENT PLACE LIKE THIS HERE IN LONDON! Even if we’re not totally sure about the venue…the MADD is a nice place, but quite small. For a gaming bar, probably a bigger place is better…but, we’ll see.

For now take a look at those pictures we took, and remember that the event ends tomorrow (more info here).

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

loading soho gaming bar pub cafe london event

Loading Bar pop-up event in Soho, London

13 Mar

loading soho london

Recovered from last GamerDisco? Hope so, because it’s Loading time!

Loading Bar/Cafè is a unique venue in Falmouth (Cornwall, UK) offering the great experience of relax, drinking and gaming all together. It basically is a venue, where you can play your favourite current/retro generation video games consoles while drinking a cup of tea/coffee or a themed cocktail.

Sounds great? Good, because they’re looking to open up in London sometime in 2013, but now they’re trying some venues, so…pop-up event!

Today (Wednesday the 13th) and tomorrow (Thursday the 14th), they will be showcasing a venue in Soho that could potentially house a London branch of their unique gaming bar. Let’s go say hello!

From 12:00 they will be onsite, making drinks and generally having a grand time. This is a chance for people to sample what it is that they do and prove that there is a need in Central London for a space to drink, relax and play (and sure there is).


Current Gen video games, retro consoles and board games; if it can fit in their van, they are bringing the lot from Cornwall to London! Their resident artist Cosmic will also be drawing on the walls live (and this is so cool).

If they can get enough bookings for future events during these test days they will open the space properly on April 2nd. So what are you waiting?? Move your ass!

Head over to MADD, 53 Rupert Street, Soho, London from mid-day to 11pm

Check the Facebook event!

And don’t forget that on thursday there will be also a Geek Pub meeting!