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Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2013 out now

27 Mar

Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2013 - OUT NOW

Would you like to know all the latest record breakings in the video games world? Would you like to laugh at people doing weird and insane vg-related stuff? But most important, would you like to have a semi-complete guide to all the highest scores of the most challenging games in order to try beat them? Ok, so you may be interested in the brand new Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition that is out now.

We didn’t check it yet, but usually is a pretty good piece of reading, so if you want to get it, try on Amazon.

The book has also a (weird) trailer, so check it out.

Gamerdisco vs Capcom! You don’t want to miss this one

19 Mar

gamerdisco vs capcom

We’ve already told you a lot about Gamerdisco, what it is, how it was and so on. But this time we are even more excited. Why? Because it’s gonna be huge!

Indeed, after the very cool Gamerdisco x IGN UK, the next event will be Gamerdisco vs Capcom!

Here’s the event description, taken from the Facebook event:

GamerDisco vs Capcom Community event

Darkstalkers Special Event !!!

In a long awaited collaboration GamerDisco have teamed up with the brilliant Capcom to bring you a night of video gaming delight!!


Big Screen Darkstalkers competition
Fantastic Capcom Prizes
Capcom Arcade on the big screen
Guile’s Theme Drinks Promotion
Recorded gaming battles
Capcom Classic tunes played throughout the night

The Capcom guys will be on hand for tournaments, gaming discussion and the occasional drinking contest!

GamerDisco DJ’s will be playing gaming themes and 8 bit bangers all night:

DJ Jet Set Rory (Tokyo Soundscape: http://soasradio.org/tokyo-soundscape) – Gaming Themes, 8bit, wacky!

Plus More DJ’s TBA

Drinking, Dancing, Gaming- GamerDisco an arcade for adults!

Expect: UMVC3, SFXT, Darkstalkers, Capcom Arcade & More

Costs: Free
18+ (ID may be required)

The event will be Wednesday, April 3, at The Book Club, 100 – 106 Leonard Street, Hoxton and Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4RH, United Kingdom. See you there!

We’ve been to Gamerdisco, and it was amazing!

7 Feb

gamerdisco london shoreditch

Yup, last week we told you about Gamerdisco, an unique gaming/clubbing experience in London, and last night we’ve actually been there!

As promised there was music, like 90′s, electro, hip hop, chiptune and gaming themes as well plenty of games (both new and retro) to play.

The event, held at The Book Club in London’s Shoreditch, featured also free-to-all prized tournaments on Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (X360), Super Mario Kart (SNES), Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) and Street Fighter vs Tekken (X360). We tried the Super Mario Kart one, but please just don’t ask….LoL

Obviously the cozy atmosphere (did we mention the free-entry?) of the venue offered also quite-cheap booze and other stuff you can usually find in a typical East London’s pub/club, like pool tables, arcade cabinets and other relaxing furnitures.

It was a great experience and we are looking forward to join the next event!

We also tried to take some pics, but the low lights (and the alcohol) didn’t help to our purpose. Anyway take a look at them.

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

Posh party? NO WAY! Video Games downstairs!

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The light bulb-ceiling is mind-fucking

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

The LOZ theme moment was epic!

Eat my dust on SMK!

Ever seen a projected SNES game? Awesome!

The good old little Cube

The good old little Cube

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

PS3 games on a CRT, problems?

Tournaments on the big screen!

Tournaments on the big screen!

We've loved this baby

We’ve loved this baby