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Sorry guys, but Conan O’Brien just won this year’s E3

26 Jun

conan o'brien e3 girls

It’s safe to say that this year’s E3 has been pretty exciting with all the announcements, the next-gen consoles and all, but…yep, it’s hard to say who won the war, especially with the latest Microsoft press release.

Actually it WAS hard. Why? Simply because this year’s E3 had been won by a single guy: Conan O’Brien! Yes, he won the fucking E3 with his latest video!

Prepare yourself to a lot of laughs and enjoy!

This is possibly the funniest (and sexistest) review of Tomb Raider you can find out there

27 Feb

Few days ago, famous tv host Conan O’Brien reviewed (sort of) the new title from Tomb Raider series on his “Clueless Gamer” column. Yep, the name of the column is quite appropriate as he doesn’t know anything about video games and he doesn’t even play them, but this is possibly the best, funniest and sexistest review of Tomb Raider you can find out there. Enjoy.