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There are a lot of Doctor Who easter egg across different video games

26 Nov

doctor who easter eggs video games

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary day has just passed, with even Google paying an homage to it, so the guys at VGFacts published a video on DYKG YouTube channel showing a tons of hidden and secret easter eggs and references to the popular british sci-fi fiction all across several video games in history.

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Play with this awesome Doctor Who based Google doodle

22 Nov

doctor who google doodle

It obviously depends on where you live, but here in the UK, Doctor Who is definitely a thing, a big one! Especially this year that is the 50th anniversary of the series. To commemorate the event and the special movie that is gonna be aired tomorrow worldwide, Google has a totally awesome doodle today, that lets you play as one of the eleven doctors!

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If Doctor Who was a 16-bit RPG for SNES

1 Mar

You may not be a great fan of Doctor Who series, but you know, we’re based in London, and Doctor Who is kind of a religion here in UK.

Said so, some guy at College Humor, called DoctorOctoroc, created a fan made video  in which you can admire how a 16-bit RPG for SNES based on BBC’s Doctor Who would be! Enjoy!