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Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85

19 Sep

Hiroshi Yamauchi


We’re terribly sorry to inform you that Hiroshi Yamauchi died today in a Kyoto hospital, where he had been suffering from pneumonia for several months.

Yamauchi, a longtime (and beloved) president of Nintendo  from 1949 to 2002, was 85.

Farewell Yamauchi-sama, thanks for everything, you’ll be missed.

farewell nintendo

Kenji Eno is dead

21 Feb

kenji eno died dead death

Yesterday, February 20th , Kenji Eno is passed away at the age of 42 due to an heart failure.

He was a video game designer and musician; with his own company WARP, founded back in 1994, Eno developed games such as D and Enemy Zero for SEGA Saturn. 
As all his games the gameplay was very unique and innovative and often based on sound connected to his other great passion, music.
 Still talking about sound we’d like to remember Kenji Eno even for his great work as composer on SEGA Rally 2 together with Jun Senoue and other famous artists.
Farewell Eno-san, the video games industry as much as us players will miss your art and your vision of this world.

Video Games and Violence: the neverending bullshit

6 Feb

video games violence

Last week, CNN pseudo-journalist Erin Burnett desperately tried to link video games to violence (you’re nor the first nor the last…what about get over it?).

Burnett said that violent games make people more likely to kill, and she invited Dr. William Pollack, psychologist and a well-respected author of a number of books, to make him confirm it. Basically she wanted her viewers to believe video games turn people into killers. Bu the attempt led to an huge fail, indeed Dr. Pollack said there was absolutely no evidence for that, making the anchor very upset.

But, watch the video to judge by yourself (and decrease your hope in humanity).

We all know. Gamers and game industry representatives are not the most verbally-peaceful kind of people on the net. So this is the wordy assault launched by David Jaffe, director of Twited Metal and God of War, in reply to Erin Burnett. Pick up some pop-corns and enjoy!

“Dear Erin Burnett: you, ma’am, are at best an idiot that CNN should be ashamed to have as an anchor. At worst, you are the worst kind of American: one who has allowed the healthy desire for success to morph into a capitalistic cancer that makes it ok to ignore the facts in order to make your product more appealing, regardless of the consequences. To make matters worse, your own views about video games- which you seem to have no problem sharing with your hundreds of thousands of viewers- clearly have not been formed by any actual research or real life experience with the medium.

I am sure you will think yourself quick and insightful when you tell me- a video game director/designer accusing someone from another industry of making products for profit regardless of consequence- that I am the pot and you are the black kettle. However, if you actually listened to your guests and read the studies (aka if you actually did some….some….hmmm, what’s that word you journalists have for it? Oh right: RESEARCH!) you would see you are wrong; you would see there remains- after years of studies- zero evidence of video games with violent subject matter causing real life violence.

On the flip side- you know: YOUR side- there is very real evidence that our society suffers greatly when our news media fails to properly inform the public.

The fact that you think a guy who ‘trains’ on a shooting video game would be granted the skill to horrifically, tragically kill those CHILDREN in Norway only serves to show how little research you do before you open your mouth in front of your world wide audience under the guise of delivering news. I’m not sure what makes your argument look more ignorant: the fact that you don’t back up your idiotic statement by showing a correlation to the current health of America’s agriculture sector with the popularity of Farmville OR the fact that the sick, deranged evil loser who killed those poor kids in Norway had picked such a poor ‘training’ tool that after 700 hours of play, he was only capable of hitting little kids with his bullets versus the well armed pretend terrorists and highly skilled virtual soldiers that he was battling in the game.

Shame on you. But more importantly: shame on your profession. It deserves so much better.”

Thanks David, you couldn’t say it better. Everybody is tired of this bullshit!

Be cheerful and say thanks to David on his Twitter.

If you’re looking for a place to unleash your rage, Erin’s Twitter could be a good starting point.