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Contrast will let you play with your own shadow

25 Mar

contrast compulsion


Last weekend at PAX East, beside all the well-known game companies, there was also Compulsion Games. An emerging indie game studio, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, working on a very interesting project: a game called Contrast.

Experience a surreal 1920s dreamscape in which you can shift freely in and out of shadows. Tasked with helping a young girl named Didi, players will unravel the mysteries behind her troubled family and the dark secrets that must be exposed to re-shape her future. Contrast will let you play with your own shadow, literally. The game is basically a platformer where you can become a shadow in order to climb and interact with other shadows. Take a look at this teaser trailer to figure it out.

If you want to know more about this game here’s a small video interview to Guillaume Provost, creative director and founder of Compulsion Gamesmade by Kotaku at PAX.

“We began development on Contrast four years ago and are excited to finally unveil it to the public. We chose to be part of the PAX East Indie Megabooth in order to give back to the amazing community that has helped support the game during our successful Greenlight campaign on Steam. Contrast will transport players into a vaudevillian world of shadows and mysteries, where story elements are discovered through the manipulation of light, and it introduces new gameplay paradigms for interacting and navigating the world.”

Contrast is set to be released on Spring 2013 on Steam, but the exact release date is still TBA.