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Nintendo is going to fix the “gay marriage” bug in Tomodachi Collection: New Life

13 May

Tomodachi Collection: New Life

Last week we told you about the unexpected bug found by some Japanese players in the latest 3DS life-simulation Tomodachi Collection: New Life by Nintendo. The issue was (and still is) about the fact that the game allows players to perform gay marriage, a thing that wasn’t in Nintendo’s plans for sure.

But disregarding all the requests asking the “feature” to stay, and a push up in sales (as a lot of player started buying the game JUST for that bug), Nintendo, in a official press release, stated that an update for the title is coming and the patch will fix the following issues:

• The inability to boot up the game

• Error messages

• Human relations that become strange

• The inability to save

Yes, you head it right…”Human relations that become strange”, that’s the definition of gay marriage! Anyway, if any of you is playing the game (and maybe enjoying the feature), you probably should not download the update.