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Impossibly rare Nintendo World Championship 1990 Gold Cartridge up for sale on eBay

4 Feb

nwc 1990 gold cartdrige

Ok guys, calm down! Lately we’ve seen a super boost in NWC1990 cartridges sales, but we usually talk about Grey ones, that are extremely rare (and expensive), but not as the Gold ones.

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Put a ring…hem…game on it!

29 Apr

nes game ring etsy


Bored of the usual rings? Well, Etsy shop ohmygeekness has what you need! A fully selectable NES game cartridge ring, you just have to pick your favourite game and drop $15. That’s it!

They seem to be really well made (with all the details), and it looks like a quite original gift for some geek you know. If you’re interested you can buy them here.