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You can access Miiverse on PS Vita but not on 3DS

27 Apr

You can access Miiverse on PS Vita but not on 3DS

Earlier this week Nintendo released the web browser version of their till-now-WiiU-only Miiverse; and that’s fine. So what’s the problem? Well, you can easily access to the site via your PC’s browser, but if you try to explore the Miiverse with one of the Nintendo handhelds’ built-in browser…no way!

No big deal, you say. We agree…but what if the PS Vita can open it? LoL


There is an MMO Bomberman you can play for free

27 Feb

bombermine bomberman online multiplayer

Yes, you heard it right! You can play an online multiplayer version of Bomberman with thousands of other people in the same arena, for free!

Obviously it in not an official version of the game, but it looks so awesome that even Konami shared the link on their Twitter.

Bombermine (this is the name of the in-browser game) could not be the most polite version of Bomberman you can find, but for sure you’ve never played such a massive multiplyer while casting bombs! You can play it on the “official” website.