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BattleBlock Theater release date

20 Mar

battleblock theater

That’s why we love PAX, if possible even more than E3 or TGS. We love it because indie developers get crazy and start to release announce an talk about new games.

So after Double Fine and Supergiant Games is Behemoth (the guts from Alien Hominid and Castle Crasher) turn to announce the release date for the long waited BattleBlock Theater!
 The platform game in which you can create your own character using various shapes will be out April 3rd 2013, on Xbox LIVE, for 1200 Microsoft Points. Obviously supporting co-op and multiplayer, and with the usual design we all like!

We honestly are thrilled and can’t wait to play this new game but we still have to wait for a bit… BUT, again, if you’re so lucky to be around Boston even Behemoth are waiting for you at PAX and you should be lucky enough to try BattleBlock Theater in advance.