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New video gameplay for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

27 Apr

far cry 3 blood dragon

We told you how much we’re excited about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon already, but till now we didn’t know what exactly kind of game it is. Here we go! Ubisoft released a brand new gameplay video narrated by the game’s creative director Dean Evans. Don’t expect the usual dev diary you’re used to, they got lasers and dragons in the game, ’nuff said!

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon looks very badass in this new trailer

12 Apr

far cry 3 blood dragon

Ubisoft is definitely not our favourite software house so far, but we have to admit that this new Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has our attention. When it was announced last April 1st everyone thought of a very elaborated joke. But we were all wrong! Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is real, and possibly it will be the weirdest, craziest and badassest (is this a proper word) game you play this year. Basically it seems to be Far Cry 3, but with more cyborgs, neon lights, cool soundtrack, misbehaviours and a lot of 90s in it.

Said so, let’s get down with the announcement trailer

Maybe it’s just us, but this absolutely looks like a well-made mix between Serious Sam and the Duke Nukem Forever we’ve ever dreamed about. In two words: AWESOMELY BADASS!

By the way it’s hard even to say what’s the game really about, but whatever it is, we will be able to see on May 1st 2007 2013, on almost every game system. For now just enjoy the main theme: