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First look at Attack on Titan 3DS game

5 Sep

attack on titan 3DS

It’s no more a secret that an Attack on Titan 3DS game is coming soon, at least for Japan. So today the mighty internet has finally managed to leak some in-game graphics from the upcoming game.

attack on titan 3DS

attack on titan 3DS

Yes, it looks shitty and quickly (and badly) made, but you know, those are just scans on a Japanese magazine…maybe the actual game is (getting) better. Let’s hope so.

Attack on Titan is getting a 3DS game

8 Aug

attack on titan 3ds

According on the picture above, which is taken from an upcoming issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (thanks to Brian Ashcraft form Kotaku for the translation), quite popular manga and anime Shingeki no Kyojin, known in the west as Attack on Titan, is getting a 3DS game this year.

The rumor is not yet confirmed, and there’s no way to verify the source, but hey, let’s hope it’s true. We’ll keep you posted.