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Metro: Last Night will be released on May 14/17

1 Mar

metro last night release date thq deep silver

Good news folks! You all know that THQ went bankrupt and all, so the majority of its IPs and studios were dismembered and/or sold to other companies. You also already know that Metro franchise was acquired by the Germans…yep, by Deep Silver.

A new Metro game was expected for this March, but you know, this kind of awkward situation usually leads to major delays and/or project cancellation. But this is not the case! Indeed Metro: Last Night was already in gold and Deep Silver announced today that the game will be released on May 14 in North America and May 17 for the rest of the world.

The first title of the series was great fun and really well made, and we’re happy to see that the franchise didn’t die. So thank you again Deep Silver

This is the official announcement from the ex-THQ’s Facebook page for the game.

metro last night thq deep silver release date

Team THQ UK is still tweeting from the grave

19 Feb

THQ UK twitter

You all know what happened to THQ. If you don’t, let’s sum up just saying that it went bankrupt, closing down and selling all its IPs and studios to other software house all around the world.

But we’re quite happy to see that something is still alive (kinda). Indeed, the THQ UK twitter account is still online, tweeting about stuff. They’re quite self-ironic, talking about themselves as a ghost team. Keep it up guys.

We don’t know until this thing will last, but if you want you can follow them here.