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Bioshock Infinite gets two new DLCs

1 Aug

bioshock infinite dlc rapture

Irrational Games and 2K have finally announced the first two DLCs for their masterpiece Bioshock Infinite! But don’t worry folk, our friend Ken Levine said that those add-ons are proper extra content, not stuff that’s already on the disc and not a bunch of ideas that were set aside for later use by corporate decision-making. Let’s see what we get!

bioshock infinite clash in the clouds

The first one (already available to download) is called Clash in the Clouds, and it’s about fighting against 15 hordes of enemies, including online leaderboards and new achievements. Here’s the trailer!

Sounds really cool and fun to play, let’s see! Ready for the next one (the big one)?

bioshock infinite burial at sea

The second one, that will be available soon, is called Burial at Sea, and it features the two main characters of Infinite set in the icon (and well known by fan) underwater city of Rapture! Ah…Elizabeth will be a playable character in this DLC, and honestly we can’t wait! Here’s the trailer!

Yep, Elizabeth looks pretty badass!

Player offended by the forced baptism of Bioshock Infinite gets refund

19 Apr

bioshock infinite baptism

Seems like not everyone is enjoying Bioshock Infinite. This is the case of Breen Malmberg, gamer and devoted Christian.

The problem is the forced baptism that occurs in the very first section of the Irrational Games’ masterpiece, when the players are almost drowned to accept Columbia’s religion. Malmberg said that basically the game was forcing him to choose between committing an extreme blasphemy (taking another religion’s baptism) and quitting the game, as there’s no way to skip the section. So he decided to quit and to send a detailed mail to Valve (from where he bought the game through Steam) stating his reasons and asking for a full refund. Here’s the letter:

“I wish to return/exchange this game (Bioshock Infinite) for steam credit or refund on the grounds that I cannot play it.

I cannot play it because at the very beginning of the game there is a section of the game that is so offensive to my religious beliefs that I cannot proceed with it any further. I did not know this section of the game was there and had no way of knowing it was there before-hand as it was not shown in any trailers, previews, screenshots or other marketing material.

The player is forced to make a choice which amounts to extreme blasphemy in my religion (Christianity) in order to proceed any further – and am therefor forced (in good conscience) to quit playing and not able to experience approx. 99% of the content in the game.

There is no option to turn this particular content off or to bypass or skip it in any way. In Modern Warfare 2, they at least allowed you to skip a particularly offensive level. This is the same sort of thing for me, but there is no way to skip it in this case.

Please issue a full refund or store credit in the amount of the price of the game (Bioshock Infinite) as I had no idea that I would not be able to play this game before I bought it.

If you need further convincing, I will use the analogy that if you were a muslem, it would be like forcing the player into an in-game action of “press x to spit on the face of allah” in order to proceed any further with the game and with no choice or way around doing so.

I apologize for the potentially misleading choice of category for this request, but you do not have a category I can choose that accurately fits my needs.

Thank you”

According to the player himself, he has been fully refunded by Valve.

We can (kinda) understand his point of view, but we also think that video games are fictional media, and this is a bit exaggerated.

Shakespeare on Bioshock Infinite

13 Apr

Possession is one of the most useful vigors in Bioshock Infinite and one of the most evocative as you get it for the first time. In fact it shows up as a beautiful ghost woman seducing whoever you use it against, with a strange melodic sound you couldn’t really understand… until now.
The guys at EveryClickCounts discovered that if you play the sound backwards the woman is saying these exact words:

“Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-browed night,

Give me my Romeo. And when I shall die,

Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

Another great Loading Soho event!

29 Mar

loading soho bioshock infinite

A couple of days ago we told you about the new Loading Soho event, with the partecipation of 2k Games UK, let’s say a sort of Bioshock Infinite edition!

Well, we’ve been there today to check the situation and possibly to get some free drinks and free stuff (by the way…mission complete!)

As usual the atmosphere was great and we really suggest you to jump in before it finish, you got time till Monday 1st! But for now, here’s some pics.

We loved this window while we queued

We loved this window while we queued

All the Bioshock Infinite swag waiting for us!

All the Bioshock Infinite swag waiting for us!

mmmm free drink!

mmmm free drink!

Devil's Kiss & Possession...our new favourite drinks

Devil’s Kiss & Possession…our new favourite drinks

loading soho bioshock infinite

loading soho bioshock infinite

Columbia calls you!

Columbia calls you!

loading soho bioshock infinite

So...what's inside those bags?

So…what’s inside those bags?

All our treasures! Thanks Loading Soho and 2K Games!

All our treasures! Thanks Loading Soho and 2K Games!