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TDP Review | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

24 Nov

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

HORA HORA HORA everyone! By now you should know that here at That Damn Pixel we’re not that fond of reviews, also considering our non-interest in scores, but sometime, some games, are worthy to be discussed a little further and this is the case of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle, released last year on PlayStation 3 and exclusively for the Japanese (and Asian) market.

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How to play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle online

4 Nov

jojo's bizarre adventure all-star battle

If you’re one of the lucky owner of that amazing game that’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle (let’s short it in just JBAASB) you’ll probably wonder, at some point, if and how you can play it online and possibly lose against some japanese guy.

Well, if you are a smart guy (and you all are, right), you’ve probably already tried to select the “versus” option from the main menu and then, eventually, the one that says PlayStation Network. Guess what? It didn’t work. Why? Because you need to to download some stuff first.

So, you select the option to play online, but all you got is a pop-up message full of japanese text. If you pay a little more attention, you can spot, inside that asian cryptongram, the word PlayStation Store. That’s a hint…yes, you have to download some extra stuff from there. Easy? Yes, kinda…we’re obviously talking about the Japanese PlayStation Store.

First of all you need a Japanese PSN account to access the Japanese Store. How to create it? Follow this very helpful Kotaku guide, but make sure to stop once completed Part 1, because you won’t need any money, everything you’re gonna download is for free!

Now that you have a Japanese PSN account just open the store, use the search option (yes, that magnifying glass on the top left of the page) and type this: ジョジョ (yes, just use the japanese keyboard of your ps3 to reproduce this text).

If you typed everything right, you should now be on the results screen, with all the JoJo stuff you’ll need.

You are looking to download the campaign mode, that should have the image of the character Kira. Even if you can’t find it (or has been changed), just download everything that is free (so everything that has no price or not says PV). This is probably gonna download even some recent free DLCs with more characters. Nice right?

While with the Japanese PSN account also remember to redeem the code you found inside the game box.

Ok now you should have downloaded everything (and even more). Just log with your usual account (European, American or whatever) and start to install all the extra content queueing in your game section.

All installed. launch the game and kick some asses online!

Where to buy retrogames in London

6 Oct

retrogames retrogaming london

We really love everything it’s about video games, but the fact that we are from the 80s makes us really sensible to the retrogaming subject. In fact we’re not just gamers, but also avid collectors, and a part from that retro games are cool!

So why don’t help others londoners, or just people passing by the city, to find and locate the very few places where they can phisically buy retrogaming stuff? No reason not to help, so here’s our secret spots.

Dispite what you might think, London is not the best place on earth where to buy retro games, and the best option is always the internet, but still, the excitement of touching, rubbing and smelling something you’re going to buy, especially if it’s a 20 years-old cartridge, is something the internet will never replace.

So getting started, the major places where you can get retro stuff are essentially three.


retro game base london

The first place is a retrogaming dedicated store called Retro Game Base. It’s located in Stretham (South-West London) and could be easily described as London’s retrogaming heaven.

From the outside you would think much of it, but once entered your eyes will shine and your mouth watering. A not so small room completely filled with gaming goods from the very beginning of gaming history till a generation ago.

retro game base london

Everything sold here is in quite pristine conditions and every single item has been tested by the expert staff of the store. This is definitely the best you can get in London and you won’t regret the trip till here.

What about prices? Well, we have to admit that the prices of consoles are average, not too expensive nor cheap, but games and especially accessories, spare parts and peripherals are absolute bargains! If you’re looking for something specific, like a specific region conole (i.e. Japanese Dreamcast) and it’s not in stock you can kinda order it and the next one coming it’s yours.

Don’t forget to take a look (and than dry your mouth) at the little glass case just under the till, containing all the most valuable and rare items!

Also, they got some arcade cabinets and modded Xbox free to play!

retro game base london

Interested in paying a visit to this little piece of paradise? Below you can find the address and all relevant links and contacts (make sure to frequently check their Facebook page for the latest arrivals!):

Retro Game Base

430 Streatham High Road

Streatham, London SW163PX

TEL: 020 3489 6146





x electrical retrogaming

The second place where you can find some retrogaming goodies in London is not a dedicated store, in fact it’s actually a music intruments shops. It’s called X Electrical and it’s based in Hammersmith (West London).

So we said music instruments…what’s the dead? Well, from the outside yes, but if you look closer, the shop window displays some random Mega Drive and N64 cartridges! This is exactly how we firstly found it. We decided to enter just to ask what was the deal of the window and boom! “Secret” back room full of retrogaming (but also current gen) stuff!

x electrical retrogaming

Store staff is really kind and if you ask they’ll open to you all the displays to let you touch the goodies. They got plenty of stuff, but it’s difficult to explain you of which kind, because everytime you get there the articles are always different!

Consoles prices are average (and sometimes too high), but the games…well, they’re basically free! We mean, prices are so low that you’ll get out of the room hands-full!

We highly reccomend to pop in frequently to check the latest arrivals, even if they update their site on a daily base. Here are all the details and stuff you’ll need:

X Electrical

125 King Street

Hammersmith, London W6 9JG





The last place to get retro games in London is not a proper store, or at least not just one. In fact the third category is taken by three UK franchises: Cex, Cash Converters and Cash Generator.

Inverness CeX Small



All of them are basically pawn shops, with a little difference for CeX that buy and sell just electronic and entertainment stuff.

For this category there’s not general rule, they basically buy stuff in exchange of cash, so you need to enter quite frequently to check what they got at the moment. It’s not always true that you can find retro games in those shops, but given the high amount of stores spread all around London (and UK in general) it’s quite probable you’ll find some.

Obviously here we’re talking about pure blind hunting, but usually when you find something prices are low, even if the items are not always well shapes. Definitely forget about mint conditions here.

We got no specific store tips for those three franchises, but generally the ones away from  the city center have items laying in for ages, and it’s more probable you find something good and valuable.

Good hunting!


Sure, you can always find some interesting stuff in various car boot sales and flea markets, but since they’re not phisical places (and they’re A LOT in London) we’re not gonna review them now.

For now this is all, but we’re gonna put more info and more store as soon as we find more!

Feel free to share if you know something else or better!

We’ve been to Eurogamer Expo 2013

27 Sep

eurogamer expo

Yes, we’ve been there yesterday, hoping for a relatively quite thursday, and indeed it was. Sure we didn’t avoid queues at all, but at least we tried some games without waiting for hours our turn.

First thing we tried was Bayonetta 2, and damn, it’s amazing! We literally can’t wait.


Ah yes, there was a nice retro-ambulance outside promoting Surgeon Simulator 2013. We’re not really into this kind of games, but surely it catched our eyes.

surgeon simulator 2013

Then we tried both the upcoming Zelda games: A Link Between Words and Wind Waker HD. They are just perfect!

the legend of zelda a link between worlds

the legend of zelda wind waker HD

We finally tried Rain on PS3 and, believe us, you really want to buy it as soon as it comes out!

rain ps3

Sure we jumped in the next gen, finally trying Xbox One and queueing a bit to play at least one game: we picked Forza Motosport 5. Thoughts? Well, we really don’t know why they’re still making Gran Turismo.

What about the console? It’s huge, but the controller is awesome and the triggers vibration is really well made.

xbox one

forza motorsport 5

Then we discovered this area called Indie Games Arcade, apparently sponsored by SEGA, but without any SEGA games. Probably one of the best spot of the entire expo, with dozen of indie games on various platforms.

indie games arcade sega

And inside this area we finally managed to try Tenya Wanya Teens, the latest game from Katamari Damacy creators. We talked about it here.

The game is weird and we totally loved it!

tenya wanya teens

tenya wanya teens

tenya wanya teens

tenya wanya teens

Eurogamer Expo 2013 is till running till this Sunday. If you’re in London make sure to pay it a visit. Ah yes, it’s sold out, but you still can get a couple of tickets somehow.

Duck Tales Remastered gets a disc-based version

19 Sep

duck tales remasterd retail

Capcom’s amazing remake of evergreen classic Duck Tales, after its debut this year as a digital download, finally gets a disc-based retail version. Bless those bagpipes, fans of physical media! DuckTales: Remastered will be getting a disc and box on store shelves across North America starting November 12th. Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U at $19.99.

Yes, everything’s really cool, but what about us? What about Europe? Well, we asked Capcom UK and this was the answer.

Let’s hope Europeans, let’s hope. Stay tuned!

Get ready for a new REZtron event tonight

18 Sep

REZtron hoxton pony london

We didn’t have quite the chance to talk about this brand new geek event in London yet. But now the time has come, and we’re glad to inform you that tonight a new REZtron night is going to rock East London.

What is it exactly? We’ve been there at the very first event, but we prefer to use their very own word to describe it. So basically, REZtron is a Pop Up Japanese Retrotainment brand inspired by the fusion of 80’s chic, Japanese ethics and retrogaming.

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron hoxton pony london

REZtron’s first Japanese retrotainment was launched on August the 14th at the award winning cocktail bar, Hoxton Pony in London’s retro-chic district of Shoreditch.
Yep, all nice words and speeches, but what exactly they have there? Here the list of all the “SEGASM” (as they call it):
• Master System
• Mega Drive
• Mega CD/32X
• Saturn
• Dreamcast
• Game Gear
Not bad at all! Here’s more pics from the previous events.
REZtron hoxton pony london
REZtron hoxton pony london
REZtron hoxton pony london
So if you’re in London tonight this is your only option! Grab your tickets here and thank us later.

A machine for pigs

10 Sep

amnesia a machine for pigs

This is not a review, nor a news. This is a CHALLENGE. We hate the guys at Frictional Games for making us jump on the chair, cover our eyes and invade our nightmares, because they are simply too good at scare us to death. But we can’t just stop playing their games.

After Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, we are finally ready to play Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (this time developed by The Chinese Room), so stay tuned for an upcoming scary review!

Last chance to get a Limited Deluxe Edition of Sturmwind

9 Sep


Seems like Play-Asia has a re-stock of Sturmwind, in its beautiful Limited Deluxe Edition. We don’t know how or why, but they say that this unexpected re-stock is limited to just 100 copies. We know that the price is rather high, but given that it’s sold out everywhere in the world and this is gonna be pure gold for all the Dreamcast collectors in just a couple of years, maybe it worths it. Up to you. Here’s the link to buy it before it’s gone.

In case you missed it, here’s our (p)review of Sturmwind and below us playing the very first level in hard.

Wonderful 101 looks fantastic!

27 Jul

wonderful 101

Today we’ve been to London’s Hyper Japan Summer 2013 (even if with all the rain we took it didn’t look like summer, but hey…finally some chilly temperatures!) and finally we managed to get our greedy hands on one of our most hyped Wii U games of this year, also because, along with Pikmin 3, it is the only remarkable release set for 2013 on the Nintendo’s home console.

We are abviously talking about Wonderful 101, the next big game from Platinum Games, exclusive for Wii U, directed by Hideki “bad boy” Kamiya and produced by Atsushi Inaba.

Unfortunately, like all third-party-Nintendo-console-exclusive, the game isn’t getting the right attention from the media (or from Nintendo, you decide), and that’s a real shame, because we all know how good Platinum games are (ehm…Bayonetta…ehm…Metal Gear Rising), and this is no exception.

We played the only level available at the event, but immediately it seamed pure gold. From the graphics to the gameplay, from the character design to the use of Wii U gamepad touchscreen, everything felt super right. Sure, we didn’t play enough to write a proper preview, that’s why we’re talking about feeling…but hey…we play since we’re born and sometimes we still get it right.

Want a hint? Buy it! Also because it will probably the only good thing to play on Wii U till 2014.

News from Space by SEGA?

2 Jun

sega logo

Let’s start saying this is not a news, nor a review a preview or anything like that, this is not even about rumors. This are just few lines about something that made us think.

You will remember SEGA Kawaii, the brand new shop in Japan selling cool stuff and gadget all inspired by retro gaming like Dreamcast backpack and an inflatable Morolian (you know, the dancing aliens in Space Channel 5). This doesn’t mean anything, you know Japanese people loves gadget and retro gaming.

You will certain remember even the recent news about SEGA Spectrum, of course is still a mistery to everyone (probably even to SEGA), what is certain is that “A new world of entertainment” tickles our dead hopes. Nah, you silly, how can you even think to SEGA coming back to the hardware market??!

So today browsing Twitter we found out the existence of an official Space Channel 5 account, only in Japanese at the moment, with just a few tweets started on 21st of May. That’s not a great news, considering we can’t read Japanese (shame on us) is not even so interesting but… Why open an official account for a game ten years old? And why now?

We have no answer, and most probably nothing of this is connected, but we like to dream and SEGA was (is?) for sure a DREAMCASTER…