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Is Platinum Games developing a new Star Fox game on Wii U?

13 Jan

star fox platinum games wii u

It’s not a secret that a lot of people would like to play a brand new Star Fox game, and it’s also no big news that Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya has previously stated that he’d love to work on the franchise. Platinum Games also has quite a lot of experience developing on the Wii U by now, after Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.

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SEGA trademarking Shenmue 3 exposed as a hoax

27 Nov


As we suspected, we’re sorry to report that the news about SEGA trademarking Shenmue 3 we posted earlier today is almost certainly fake. Various hints lead to a hoax, for example the lack of an application reference number on the website.

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SEGA trademarks Shenmue 3

27 Nov

shenmue 3

Just yesterday we told you about Yu Suzuki, creator of acclaimed (and unfinished) Shenmue saga, confirmed as host at the next GDC 2014 to talk about his Dreamcast classic, in a Postmortem conference.

Today we’re quite surprised to report something we didn’t expect. In fact, SEGA has trademarked Shenmue 3 on the OHIM, the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union. Here’s you can find the details.

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Sony teases a viral about Hadouken Cabs

8 Nov

hadouken cabs sony ps4 street fighter

VG24/7 reported this morning to has been sent quite a weird viral video from Sony. The short fake ad is called Hadouken Cabs and it’s surely related to something Street Fighter and PS4 (we’re such great detectives). Enjoy!

It could be everything, but given the recent announcement about a Japanese arcade release of Ultra Street Fighter 4, this could probably lead to an upcoming home release on the next-gen. But hey, as we told, could be everything, even a HD remake collection. Stay tuned!

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Atlus now belongs to SEGA

18 Sep

sega atlusYou surely heard about the bankrupt of Index Corporation, owner of well know game developer Atlus, from last June. Till now the future of Persona developer has been uncertain, and players from all around the world worried about its acclaimed IPs.

Till now, because today SEGA-SAMMY Holding Inc. has concluded a business transfer agreement with Index Corporation for the purpose of revitalization of the business. Basically, SEGA just bought Atlus and all its IPs.

These are the reasons for SEGA to put its hands on the Japanese developer: to gain access to prominent IPs in the home video game software, through which the Company can expect to achieve steady flows of revenue; to help revenue growth for the PC Online Game Business and Content Business for Smart Devices operated by SEGA and SEGA Networks Co., Ltd. by exploiting acquired prominent IPs and to maximize the value of acquired IPs by effectively deploying them in the Pachislot and Pachinko Machines segment, Amusement Machine Sales and Amusement Center Operations segments.

Let’s just hope to still get all the finest Atlus’ games localised, and not just splashed inside boring pachinko slots.

The tentative due date of the acquisition is currently set for November 1, 2013. Bloomberg reported that the acquisition may be valued at about 14 billion yen ($141 million).

Here’s the full press release.

New Alien game from SEGA: try harder!

10 Sep


We know most of you reading this title will think “oh come on… again??”, but hey, yes! According to some picture posted on twitter, Creative Assembly is (or was, we don’t know) hiring for their new title based on the Alien franchise.

Looks like, despite the flop of Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA is not giving up with the IP. We just hope this time the choice to give it to the developer behind the Total War franchise will be a good one. Gearbox was clearly too busy with Borderlands 2 to concentrate on Aliens, but Rome 2 is (kinda) done and already released, giving CA all the time to develop a good game.

You can make it… right?

First look at Attack on Titan 3DS game

5 Sep

attack on titan 3DS

It’s no more a secret that an Attack on Titan 3DS game is coming soon, at least for Japan. So today the mighty internet has finally managed to leak some in-game graphics from the upcoming game.

attack on titan 3DS

attack on titan 3DS

Yes, it looks shitty and quickly (and badly) made, but you know, those are just scans on a Japanese magazine…maybe the actual game is (getting) better. Let’s hope so.

This new Professor Layton game looks…not like a Layton game

27 Aug

layton 7
layton 7

Well, today Level-5 has announced a brand new Professor Layton game. Yes, even if Profesor Layton and the Azran Legacy should have been the last one.

So you’re now thinking that this is actually a good news. Well, it’s too early to know if you’re right or not, because the new Layton game presented today, called just Layton 7, is headed to iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS, and it looks a lot different from all the previous titles in the series.

Here are the very first screenshots released by Famitsu today.

layton 7

layton 7

layton 7

layton 7

Well, those screens look different indeed. Will this be any good? We’ll see. In the meanwhile we got this hype train to board on.

New Pokémon anime follows Red and Green original games and a new Pokémon game on Wii U (?)

17 Aug

pokemon the origin anime

Following the newest trailer published by The Pokémon Company, seems like the upcoming anime series of Pokèmon will follow the original plot of the first two Game Boy games, Red and Green. The series, called The Origin will be just a spin off, but hey, finally we can get rid of Ash & Co. for a while. Enjoy the trailer.

As you can see from the trailer, it will be aired at the beginning of October in Japan.

But we’re not finished yet. Since there’s the Pokémon Game Show going on in Japan right now, we have another news…or better, rumor. In fact seems like Nintendo has some plans for a new Pokémon game, possibly on Wii U. How we know this? Well, they’re teasing this:

pokemon wii u rpg 3d

And here’s the entire video from where this pic has been taken (kinda nostalgic!).

So, what’s that…a long waited home console Pokémon 3D RPG?…Stay tuned!

Attack on Titan is getting a 3DS game

8 Aug

attack on titan 3ds

According on the picture above, which is taken from an upcoming issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (thanks to Brian Ashcraft form Kotaku for the translation), quite popular manga and anime Shingeki no Kyojin, known in the west as Attack on Titan, is getting a 3DS game this year.

The rumor is not yet confirmed, and there’s no way to verify the source, but hey, let’s hope it’s true. We’ll keep you posted.