A BETA of ToeJam & Earl 3 for Dreamcast has been released (not by SEGA)

26 Dec

toejam & earl 3 dreamcastYou’re probably wondering what’s wrong with the title of this article. Yes, we know that we’re talking about a 10 years old game, also quite an awful game to be honest. But the interesting fact is that ToeJam & Earl 3 has never been released for the console it was planned for, the Dreamcast, getting just a minor release on the original Xbox.

Well, now (if you dare) you can finally play it on the latest SEGA console, at least a pre-production version of it.

How’s that possible? Well, an Assembler user just bought a Dreamcast Dev Kit on eBay and eventually finding out that the code of the unreleased game was still sitting in the machine’s HDD. Se he asked SEGA the permission to release it, without any answer. He also reached the game’s creators Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger and he was told that while they couldn’t give their full OK (you know, SEGA still owns most of the copyrights), they wouldn’t sue him if he didn’t sell the game.

So ZakhooiTM, at his own risk, just release the BETA version on the wild, for free. You can get it here. But probably you don’t want to. It’s up to you.



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