SEGA trademarks Shenmue 3

27 Nov

shenmue 3

Just yesterday we told you about Yu Suzuki, creator of acclaimed (and unfinished) Shenmue saga, confirmed as host at the next GDC 2014 to talk about his Dreamcast classic, in a Postmortem conference.

Today we’re quite surprised to report something we didn’t expect. In fact, SEGA has trademarked Shenmue 3 on the OHIM, the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union. Here’s you can find the details.

shenmue 3 trademark

The trade mark is registered as a computer game program and state SEGA of Japan as legal owner.

Still, we can’t verify the authenticity of the web site, even if the pic above is not shopped, and you can see the page by yourself following this link and searching for the application numer “012341509“.

For now that’s all we have, but we’ll  make sure to keep you posted in case something new shows up. Stay tuned and keep dreaming!

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    […] we suspected, we’re sorry to report that the news about SEGA trademarking Shenmue 3 we posted earlier today is almost certainly fake. Various hints lead to a hoax, for example the […]

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