Bioshock Infinite gets two new DLCs

1 Aug

bioshock infinite dlc rapture

Irrational Games and 2K have finally announced the first two DLCs for their masterpiece Bioshock Infinite! But don’t worry folk, our friend Ken Levine said that those add-ons are proper extra content, not stuff that’s already on the disc and not a bunch of ideas that were set aside for later use by corporate decision-making. Let’s see what we get!

bioshock infinite clash in the clouds

The first one (already available to download) is called Clash in the Clouds, and it’s about fighting against 15 hordes of enemies, including online leaderboards and new achievements. Here’s the trailer!

Sounds really cool and fun to play, let’s see! Ready for the next one (the big one)?

bioshock infinite burial at sea

The second one, that will be available soon, is called Burial at Sea, and it features the two main characters of Infinite set in the icon (and well known by fan) underwater city of Rapture! Ah…Elizabeth will be a playable character in this DLC, and honestly we can’t wait! Here’s the trailer!

Yep, Elizabeth looks pretty badass!

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