Enjoy this shmup in 3200×800

5 Jun

super chain crusher horizonsuper chain crusher horizon

There is a game, currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight, that will force you to buy an extra screen (or replace yours with a super wide one). The game is called Super Chain Crush Horizon and (obviously) is an horizontal shmup from Japanese indie developer Mindware, and it features a native resolution of 3200 x 800! Yep, that’s huge! Here’s the press release.

3200 x 800 Adrenaline ! Blow away all standards with shooting on a galactic scale !


A PC game with a stunning 3200×800 pixels for ultra widescreen shooting! Create the longest series of chained explosions ever seen on this massive screen! Completely fill your gigantic ultra charge shot gauge to unleash a massive explosion 2000 pixels wide! It blows away all standards and crushes the competition! Introducing Super Chain Crusher Horizon!

Curious about the game? Or about the above picture featuring two monitors from one of the producers of the game? Let’s take a look at the official trailer then!

Ok, everything’s nice…but what about a screen like this, to avoid the gap between the two monitors? Anyway, if you’re interested, you can buy the game here.

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