Kickstarter campaign begins for the spiritual sequel of Ecco the Dolphin

25 Mar

the big blue ecco the dolphin sequel kickstarter

Ed Annunziata, creator of the Ecco The Dolphin series, and Spencer Nilsen, composer of the original scores of the game, teamed up with Bear McCreary known for his music works on The Walking Dead and Battlestart Galctica, announced the will to create a spiritual successor for the high-loved underwater adventure game.

The game is called The Big Blue, and it is a new aquatic action adventure game where players will experience the ocean like never before. The look and feel of this game will be strikingly beautiful and at the same time mysterious and terrifying. The ocean, especially a million years in the future, is the perfect setting for a unique game play experience.

the big blue ecco the dolphin sequel kickstarter

“While this game isn’t based on the original Ecco the Dolphin series, it is the next evolutionary step in underwater adventure games. We want to make something epic. Something with smooth game controls, deep backstory, emphasis on exploration and artificial life.

I have to do it, I’m kind of obligated to the character. I got really lucky that Ecco was really successful, and that it kind of put me on a trajectory where I get to make my own weird games. I’ll always have an emotional connection. It’s just huge in my heart.”

the big blue ecco the dolphin sequel kickstarter

But this game isn’t real, yet. The creative team behind Ecco the Dolphin is currently seeking $665,000 on Kickstarter, so if you feel like The Big Blue would be a must-play masterpiece, help them to make it real.


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