Help to revive Retronauts on Kickstarter

24 Mar

retronauts podcast kickstarter

After the umpleasant shut down of 1UP last month, the retro games podcast Retronauts found itself without a home or any money to keep going, and that’s a shame because it was a fucking good podcast, one of the best out there.

Obviously its hosts have immediately started a Kickstarter project to revive the classic games podcast. They’d like to produce an entire year of new Retronauts episodes, released semi-monthly (that’s twice a month) with three regular hosts and a rotating fourth chair. All told, if this Kickstarter reaches its minimum amount, they’ll give us 26 new episodes to dig into, with the possibility of more on the way. But, with the help of some extra fundage, they’d like to do a hell of a lot more than that.

Those are the words from Retronauts guys asking for your money:

“Over the course of 160 episodes, the Retronauts podcast has delved into the history of your favorite titles, interviewed legendary developers, and explored the many strange tangents that exist within the realm of classic gaming. Since 2006, we’ve made a habit out of talking way too much about the intricacies and oddities of video game history.

But now that its benefactor has gone kaput, Retronauts as we know it is without a home — and its various contributors are without the platform they’ve used to educate and entertain these past seven years. That’s where you come in. We’d like to keep Retronauts going for at least another year, but we’re in need of the equipment and resources necessary to produce the quality podcast you’ve come to expect. Sure, we could always use Skype, but nothing beats the intimacy of four people in a tiny room screaming at each other about Milon’s Secret Castle.”

So if you’ve enjoyed their podcasts in the past (as we did) give them some money on their Kickstarter project!


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