Slave Of God | Gameplay

8 Mar

slave of god increpare

Few weeks ago we told you about a new upcoming game from Stephen Lavelle, founder of indie developer Increpare Games, but today we want to show you one of his masterpiece. It’s called Slave Of God and probably it is the most disturbing, weird and seizure-giving game we’ve aver played.

As far as we know the game is set in a nightclub, with loud music, booze, strobo lights and everything, but there isn’t a proper plot…nor a proper objective. It just happen to be there. Obviously (and luckily) the game HAS an end, that could be interpreted in different ways…

During the gameplay you can interact with other NPC, drinking together, dancing….pissing…falling in love.

But you can’t understand the real essence of the game until you play it, or at least watch a gameplay video (flashing light/seizure warning).

You can download the game for free (for both Windows and Mac) from here and/or check other weird games from Increpare here.


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